Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Looking for a low-shedding dog    My sister doesn't have a dog in their house and I want to give her one because her husband is away for work. I can't just give her any other type of dogs because she is asthmatic. I am looking for a non-shedding or a low-shedding dog that would keep her and her son company for the entire time that her husband is gone, and probably for a longer period of time. She also is a clean freak and she would not want to see dog hair on her couch and on other places in the house. Do you know any cute and none or low shedding dogs?

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01:12:31 AM
Looking for a low-shedding dog
I suggest that you get a retired greyhound because they really don't shed a lot of hair and they are also a very gentle and loving breed. They also don't do much since they just lie around the coach. If it will be her first dog, I would suggest that you get an older dog from a foster home who has already been well-trained to do certain tasks and are already potty trained which saves your sister the time to train and housebreak the dog for he is already familiar with many different things. They are already socialized and get along well around other people.
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01:17:24 AM
Looking for a low-shedding dog
How about a standard-sized Poodle? It is usually a large dog with less-shedding compared to its smaller counterpart. If you are not really a big fan of their hair, you can just shave them all off. I have a friend who has a family of standard-sized Poodle and she had them all shaved off because her daughters are asthmatic. A Great Dane is also low-shedding so you might also give it a chance. I think that all animals shed hair while others shed more than other dogs. it is just a matter of how you take care of them. I hope my advice helped you!
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