Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Walking the dogs    Do you walk your dogs? And if you do, how long do you walk them? I walk my Siberian Husky for about an hour or so. I also bring him with me whenever I go running and we run together. I walk and run him a lot because he is a big dog and he needs all the exercise that he can get. We sometimes can go for about a mile but I make sure that I bring him water because he can get really thirsty and tired. I want to walk him longer though, like maybe two to three miles everyday. We usually go running in the subdivision near our house. I really love it when we go walking or running together because I feel protected when I am with him.

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06:39:52 AM

I also do! Me and my husband walk with our dogs but we do it alternately because we have many dogs. During Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, after work, we walk our two Rottweiler Dragon and Wolf for about a mile or so. We walk them longer because just like what you have said, they need to work out more. There are also times that we go running with them and they really love it. We walk the smaller ones on the remaining days because my husband said that they do not need to walk or run as much as the big dogs do.
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06:44:57 AM
Help with my Shih Tzu
We do not walk our pet Shih Tzu that much. We just bring her with us whenever we go for some short walks which only last for about half an hour or so. She doesn't really like to take long walks. I guess she gets tired easily. I do not know what to with her? I want her to be healthier but how can she be healthier if she does not want to exercise? Do you have any suggestions?
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06:52:13 AM

doglover0417 I think you should walk your pet Shih Tzu a little time each day until she gets used to it. Like for example, take her for a 10 minute walk on Monday then add a little more as each day passes until she is able to run or walk for a longer period of time.
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