Monday, May 20, 2019
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What to do when your dog is anxious?    Dogs can experience problems like anxiety, nervousness and stress. What happened recently to my dog when there was thunderstorm and lightning. Can you help me relieve my dog from this when same event arises?

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06:19:24 PM
What to do when your dog is anxious?
You can try Herbal Calmer. It helps settle mental and physical nerves and muscles for dogs. Like what I have experienced with my Trix puppy. I brought her one time in a car ride and it was her first time. She was so nervous and anxious that she keeps on barking. It was unstoppable that I have to ask my vet of any prescription that would calm her. These brand is really relieving for her.
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06:20:46 PM
What to do when your dog is anxious?
Just like other prescriptions. I tried this also with my pet. It contains skullcap, passion flower, chamomile, cod liver oil, vegetable lecithin and other essential ingredients. It is very effective and helpful.
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06:21:37 PM
What to do when your dog is anxious?
But be sure that you will give it only for dogs and cats and not to other animals. This is only designed for them. Read the label first, it's in there.
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