Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Dental Care    What’s are some practical tips to observe in introducing and attending to my dog’s dental needs ?

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01:48:27 PM
Re: Dental Care
The best way to start an effective home dental program for dogs is immediately after consulting the vet to examine any special needs of your pet’s in terms of dental care. Proper techniques and other recommendations are better provided by vets in ensuring your pet’s dental structure.
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01:49:40 PM
Re: Dental Care
Avoid using human toothpaste for pets. There are toothpaste available especially designed for dogs containing enzymes that enable better cleansing action and removal of debries and plaque.
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01:51:09 PM
Re: Dental Care
The vet also recommends what kind of toothbrush that best suit your dogs or other cleaning tool. But also ask your vets for the right technique in doing it in the case of your dog.
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01:52:05 PM
Re: Dental Care
Sometimes giving a pet a toothbrush is not enough no matter how soft, good its bristles but there are mouth areas that sure it cannot reach. You can use tissues, or use finger –tip brush to scoop out other unwanted debris or use cloth.
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01:53:10 PM
Re: Dental Care
In addition to Jimbo's posting, as with any product intended for humans, never rinse your pet's mouth/teeth with mouthwash. It contains boric acid that is extremely fatal for pets. Keep this liquid out of reach, as it's smell appeals to dogs and cats.
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