Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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My dog eats grasses    I usually see my dog eat grasses. I'm worried about this. What would I do to stop him doing that? Can you help me?

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02:07:24 PM
Re: My dog eats grasses
I don't think grasses or weeds are for dogs. These would harm their intestines and appetite because these plants contain juices that would be toxic or poisonous. They have different taste buds compared to cows or deers or other plant-eating animals. I observe dogs are carnivorous animals so it is advisable not to let them eat grasses.
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02:12:23 PM
Re: My dog eats grasses
Or I would say your dog missed a meal and he's trying to make up for that. I would perhaps think he is surviving himself so he did try the grass. You should keep your time schedule to feed your dog. Don't let him miss meals or it will weaken or make him sick.
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02:18:01 PM
Re: My dog eats grasses
Yes right alaskan! It happened also with my precious dog Curly. I went to day tour one time and came late at night. When I arrived I saw my dog eating plastic bags chewing it like she's very hungry. I forgot to leave day's food for her. That's really pitiful condition!
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07:25:45 AM
dog ate tall grass
My 8 month old lab ate grass and now is very sluggish , sick ,what can I do ?
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05:45:08 PM
Grass is good for your dog
Actually, you dog tries to treat himself. There is special kind of grass that all dogs seek out and you should not be afraid.
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