Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Best human food to feed the dogs    I am just wondering, what is the best human food that I can give our dogs? We've been having financial problems lately and a thought occurred to me that maybe I can feed our dogs the food that we are also eating, like left-over foods. Is it bad? I mean we are really trying to make ends meet and dog foods can get pretty expensive. We don't want our pet dogs to suffer. We still want to feed them.

Do you also feed your dogs human food? And if so, what are the best that I can give them? I haven't tried feeding them yet. We need help.

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02:31:58 AM
Feeding them healthy human foods
I only give my pet shih tzu human food. She really likes raw food and I always give her treats sometimes. She really loves them! My friend told me that all of her dogs really love cheese. Princess loves eggs, I really don't know why and she also loves fruits and vegetables. She especially like apples and pears. As you can see, she is a very healthy little dog. Whenever we eat dinner, I give them something like a piece of meat that they can eat or sometimes if we have hot dog we cut them into tiny pieces and add cheese on top. My Princess really, really loves it! Also from time to time, we give them a little something like a piece of cake with icing. She totally loves the icing.
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02:36:56 AM
My dog loves everything!
Rocky, my Siberian husky, eats everything! Whenever I am eating something I make sure that I always share it with him. He loves eating meat, whether they are cooked or raw. He also loves to eat rice that's why I always feed him rice whenever possible but I try not to do it always so that he would not be overweight or something. However, I have noticed that he does not seem to like eating fruits and vegetables. I tried to give him an apple once but he just sniffed it and move away. I am trying to make him healthier by giving him healthy fruits and vegetables but to no avail.
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02:53:23 AM
human food for the doggies
Ilovedogss37: Really? You must be one lucky mama! Your dog must be very healthy and I think that it is a good thing. I also will try to feed my dogs fruits and vegetables so that I will know first if they would like them. If they don't, maybe I can give them meat. What treats do you give your dogs?
dogsarelove17: You must have a really big dog if you feed him that way! I do not think that my small dogs will love rice, maybe my big Rottweilers will. Have you tired giving your dog other kind of fruits and vegetables? Maybe if you give him something else, he will eat it finally.
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