Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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What to do when your dog is pregnant?    A pregnant dog requires a lot of amounts of food for her developing litter. thats a good time to gradually have a transition with her into a new diet of a "PREMIUM PUPPY FOOD" for growth as this is necessary during the nursing period.

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11:38:32 AM
Re: What to do when your dog is pregnant?
Never vaccinate your pregnant dog. If complications arise during delivery, or in her pregnancy it is advisable to contact your veterinarian.
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11:41:19 AM
Re: What to do when your dog is pregnant?
Walking few steps also help a pregnant dog keep up her strength, but not too intensive one, because this is too stressful and might hamper their health. Same as humans, dogs are also sensitive when pregnant.
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10:16:25 PM
how to know when your pregnant dog is in trouble
my dog is pregnat and i do not know what to do
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