Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Begging for scraps    How do handle Rover’s continuous behavior of begging for food scraps at the dinner table?

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10:39:44 AM
Re; Begging for scraps
Try not to give in to giving food to a begging dog at the table. Your response encourages him to consider you as an equal and therefore, it will reinforce his belief that he has the right to eat also at the same time as his human family eats.
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10:40:39 AM
Re: Begging for scraps
Never, never give in to your dog’s behavior or you will have a problem later on. It might look cute when they are puppies but then when the behavior continues until they are way bigger, it will be irritating in time.
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10:41:20 AM
Re: Begging for scraps
Make sure your guests and friends also are informed not to give in to their begging. A dog might try the trick with your new friends and guests, so make sure they are properly forewarned before the dinner table.
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