Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Dog Nail trimming    Help! My dog doesn’t want its toenails trimmed. What should I do?

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08:10:39 AM
Re: Dog Nail trimming
Start the training step-by-step. Make him lie down and touch his nails. Praise him first and give him treats. Once he is relaxed and comfortable, touch his nails with the nail clipper but don’t clip yet, praise him and then give a treat.
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04:30:44 PM
Re: Dog Nail trimming
Next step would be to clip 1 nail, praise the dog again and give him a treat. Continue to the 2nd nail, praise and treat.
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04:31:48 PM
Re: Dog Nail trimming
Sometimes it will take months to get him to cooperate and associate this exercise with good behaviour. But keep on trying.
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