Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Walkies after Vaccination???    Hi does anyone have any idea how long after the second vaccination you are able to take a puppy out of the garden??? I have had conflicting advice from the 2 vets in my practice. On Wed when we were in for a check up he said 10 days after the jab which happened to be done this morning....but the vet who did the jab said 5 days was long enough??? I've asked a good friend of mine and she said roughly a week....so its getting a bit confusing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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01:25:20 AM
10 Days
It is usually 10 days...even then be careful to keep pup from sniffing (and worse!) other dogs poo which is left about by naughty owners. The sooner you get out and about the better...socialization of your environment is just as important as with other dogs and people...traffic, smells, sounds etc...as much as you can by 16 weeks.
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