Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Help for my pregnant dog    Hi everyone! my dog is pregnant and I want to give her vitamins for her healthy pregnancy. Do you know of any supplements for that? What's the best you've tried so far? Can you share it to me?

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06:15:14 PM
Re: Help for my pregnant dog
Yes, as I have mentioned in my other posts Booster Plus can be for pregnant dogs too. This is also good for kittens, puppies which need proper balanced diet.
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06:15:52 PM
Re: Help for my pregnant dog
You're right, I have tried that with my Kim when she was pregnant. It contains protein, lecithin, carbohydrates and many more. It is antibiotic free, lactose free, steroid free. So it is not hazardous to her health. It's available in the market. Try it!
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06:17:07 PM
Re: Help for my pregnant dog
Hey guys, thanks for your posts! I bought one now for my dog and she's doing fine. She's putting her weight back to normal and beginning to be healthier at this time.
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