Monday, May 20, 2019
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Lumps & Tumors In Dogs    Some dogs developed lumps as they grow old. Can these develop into tumor?

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07:39:22 AM
Re: Lumps & Tumors In Dogs
I read an article that these lumps are actually fatty deposits common to overweight female dogs. It is also called “lympoma” They usually occur under the belly or in the upper legs.
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07:40:20 AM
Re: Lumps & Tumors In Dogs
I guess its better to refer your dog to vet for further examination of the tissues. Vets perform a needle aspirate usually not painful to get sample tissues from the lumps and see it under the microscope. This is done in intervals to confirm if the cells are infiltrative and bad or has become a tumor.
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07:41:22 AM
Re: Lumps & Tumors In Dogs
I also found out that some cases of lumps are very debilitating to animals or interfering with muscle functions, In these cases, surgery or removal of lumps is highly recommended.
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