Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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AntiFreeze Toxicity    I need to know about antifreeze and their toxic effects that causes deaths to dogs. How toxifying it gets and prevention?

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05:16:07 AM
Re: AntiFreeze Toxicity
Please find out about the alternatives of ethylene glycol, propylene glycol as they are generally safe and even not harmful to humans. It also got a stamp approval by Food and Drug Administration.
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05:20:04 AM
Re: AntiFreeze Toxicity
Antifreeze is another term for chemicals which are usually found in the vicinity of our house and in communities. From the car engines, to abandoned pipes, and other chemicals we use at home; these are odorless agents that can be deceiving to dogs because of its sweet taste.
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05:46:21 AM
Re: AntiFreeze Toxicity
The best way is not to let our dogs sleep under the car because the car engines can drip the liquids the dogs may ingest unknowingly. When your dogs become dizzy or fainting like a drunk, its time to bring to vet to save your dog from death. Remember also time makes difference when the toxic substance starts working its way in your dogs.
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05:51:49 AM
Re: AntiFreeze Toxicity
Kidney failure is the ultimate result of this toxicity. Quick treatment is crucial to prevent further damage to your dogs. Between 36-72 hours after the ingestion, the dog exhibits deterioration.
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05:53:28 AM
Re: AntiFreeze Toxicity
Make sure you shut down your garage with all your chemicals in it that your dogs can’t slip in. Or saddle the dogs when you are doing machine repairs or oil replacement of your engines. Dogs are veteran sniffers so make sure they are cordoned off from working area or place when there is presence of the chemicals.
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