Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Help on Motion sickness    Hi there,
My dog starting drooling when I drive her? Can anyone help?

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02:20:41 AM
Read This
Hi, maybe I can be of some help. Just read this thing
Do not put the dog on an excursion when the dog has just eaten for the past 2 hours where possible. Get a pet car seat sheet which you can put on your car, preferably at the back seat. Always have someone to sit with the dog. Have in hand plastic bag and lots of tissues. Try to have the dog lie down on the seat calmly instead of the dog moving about in the car. Talk to the dog to reassure him/her. If need to, switch off the air-con and lower the windows down, making sure someone who is sitting with the dog keeps the dog in hand (windows in down!). Drooling is the dog's way of relieving anxiety and "holding on" as much possible during the ride. If you are within walking distance to your place of destination, let the person sitting with the dog out to walk the remaining journey. Also try as much possible not to hit the brakes hard and suddenly to reduce jerking positions for the dog during the ride.
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02:27:37 AM

I have found a solution for my dog who has the same problem, I lay a blanket at my car's backside where it can lie down. As we realize, when it sit's upright, it will have motion sickness.
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