Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Medicine Expiration    Please suggest some general safety storage of dog’s medicines.

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06:05:09 AM
Re: Medicine Expiration
Read carefully the instructions on medicine when it comes to storage like keeping it out of sunlight, keeping at right humidity and room temperature. Medicines lose their strength if not properly stored in their right condition.
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06:07:09 AM
Re: Medicine Expiration
Always consult your vet for proper disposal of medicines that way you can save yourself from spending more than what you usually think. You also get to buy medicines for the exact duration and don’t have to store anymore.
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06:12:53 AM
Re: Medicine Expiration
It is often a concern to store medicines only to find out later that it is expired and unsafe to use. So the general rule is have a general understanding of medicines by reading its expiration and terms. That way you know which medicines are still safe to use or not.
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