Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Dog Scooting    My neighbor’s dog scoots on the grass. I feel something bad with his anus. He seems not to be comfortable at all, is this a time for vet call?

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07:24:08 AM
Re: Dog Scooting
Its not solely an anal problem but there are other matters to look at why your dog scoots. Could be due to diarrhea, spreading parasite attacks, a hot spot, or there is an outgrowth like a tumor. Any one of them needs your vet’s consultation.
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06:40:10 AM
Re: Dog Scooting
Dogs of course don’t do wiping of their anus when they defecate. Some residues or remnants of these stick in the anal area such that these in long run become breeding for bacteria leading to infection. So its either your dog is itchy or actually hurting. Either way, its better to see your vet.
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06:41:23 AM
Re: Dog Scooting
I found out that to avoid these you have to sanitize the anal area regularly. There are techniques how to do it but you can ask your vet for a tutorial to do it. No more doggy scoots, hopefully after.
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06:43:05 AM
Re: Dog Scooting
Its an indication that there is an infection somewhere in the anal area or the anal sac. That dog seems to be acting weird but in his terms the itchiness caused by the infection is overwhelming that it has no choice but to scoot into anything thinking it can remove the irritation.
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