Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Flea Controls At House    How can I make sure my dogs are flea-free? What’s some house tips to prevent this?

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06:52:54 AM
Re: Flea Controls At House
as prescribed by my vet, a strong and effective shampoo will help remove those unwanted fleas on your dog, or try some Sulfur soap, not only it removes those fleas it also kills them, preventing it from coming back. Plus! if the skin of your dog is bleeding, its a sign that your dog has a flea.
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03:59:10 AM
Re: Flea Controls At House
Vacuuming is the solution I see with these coz it picks up tiny monsters even in larva stage. I read that flea collars can be killed once inside the vacuum.
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04:01:35 AM

Good thing dogs are not hard to bathe unlike cats. Using shampoo that is anti-flea or they called Dips is the solution to control the infestation. Take note that this has no lasting effect. But when worse thing happens, then take the dips. Dips is a rinsing agent to rid of fleas only the chemicals are stronger so be careful that might irritate your dog.
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04:02:54 AM
Re: Flea Controls At House
Advantagetm, Frontline®, and Bio-Spot are some common brands for spot-on treatments applied to shoulder blades of dogs and effects lasts usually a month. It usually attacks the adult fleas, aside from inhibiting growth of flea larvae. Also there are oral medications available like aProgram® and Sentinel®, but they are not effective with adult fleas.
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04:04:13 AM
Re: Flea Controls At House
Remember that fleas reside and crawl all over the parts of your house including the yard. Most fleas really exist in our beddings, carpets and other moist areas so daily vacuuming is recommended.
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04:06:20 AM
Re: Flea Controls At House
You can try the flea collars which work in two ways : emitting flea-toxic gas or being absorbed in dog’s subcutaneous fat layer that is flea-resistant. This is very effective especially with the adult dogs.
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