Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Rott kills everything!    So I have two Rottweiler dogs named Dragon and Wolf. They are very nice, loveable, and sweet. They are the sweetest dogs especially to my daughter. They would play around with her all the time and they would play fetch when we bring them outside to the park. They are very sweet dogs. Even when my daughter is pulling his ears, he doesn't react. He just sit there and don't do anything to harm my daughter However, I have noticed that Wolf has a very weird behavior. I have seen him plenty of times running after cockroaches, rats, grasshoppers, cats, and everything that he sees in our house and even outside. He runs after them and only a few survives because most of them becomes his meal. Is it normal for a dog to run after a mouse or other insects? I just think it's weird.

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12:16:04 AM

I think that is really terrible! Good thing that Rocky doesn't do that, I mean eat insects but he really protects his territory or more commonly known as our yard. He has chased a lot of other dogs and cats before. And oh, he has chased one mail man before. It was a good thing he did not catch him. Anyway, he acts really well if a person is brought in our house/yard and when I introduced it to him, she acts really well. No problem at all but she has to see that person regularly so she would not forget him. I think that your dog is somewhat doing a great job because if he is doing that to protect your house, then that is a good thing. But if he is chasing other animals around the neighborhood I think that it is bad thing. It seems that you are not doing that though, so I think it is ok.
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12:22:55 AM

There are some animals that have a higher prey drive compared to other animals and this can also happen to dogs. Another factor that may have caused this is the possibility that they may have not socialized with other animals before when they were younger. However, I also think that it is just natural that dogs protect their owners and their owner's house or yard. It is just his natural instinct. I have a pet Shih Tzu and even though I have trained her well, she still chases some cats when she sees them in the yard. But when she knows that animal, she doesn't chase it. Like there was this one time that a stray cat went into our yard and she chased them around and around. Oh, there was also this one time that she chased an opossum. The opossum played dead and got away with it. But I am hoping that she would never try to kill a cat.
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12:29:12 AM
Reply to dogsarelove17's post dated 7/29/2010 12:16:04 AM
dogsarelove17: Yes, he is indeed a good hunter. When he catches something, he usually goes for the neck. I think that is really scary. But even when the insect or animal is already dead, he will toss it and move it around and around just to make sure that it is already dead. So it really won't work if the insect played dead. He would make sure that it is dead already.
doglover0417: I think you are definitely correct. I think that he is just protecting me and our house. He usually gets really weird like that especially if he has seen a new animal in the neighborhood. There was this one time that a propane man entered our house. He was barking a lot, good thing he was on leash. He must have thought that the propane man was stealing because he just got out of the house with the gas tank.

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