Monday, December 11, 2017
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Dog Deaths    Any experience?

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08:20:18 AM
Re: Dog Deaths
It's not actually death, but I can say that, its one of the common problem that an owner and a pet experiences, I remember my neighbor's Pitbull, he was shot at the head, and the reason for this, he bite his owner's arm twice. Ouch!
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08:21:09 AM
Re: Dog Deaths
I had Bowie, my dog of ten years. He could've succumbed to old age. It was one heartbreaking experience for me, seeing and hearing him cry when he wasn't able to stand up.

It was past midnight, i heard him crying as if he was calling me. I got up and checked on him, picked up to transfer him to a warmer portion of the house. When i was picking him up, he just raised his head and kissed my forearm. Waaaah!... Ah was crying when typing this... Really heartbreaking.
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