Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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How often should I feed my dog?   
I have a new pet and I am clueless on how often I should feed her. I asked some friends about it and they told me that once is enough to keep my dog full and satisfied. I had doubts about what they said because feeding them once a day? Isn't that less then the recommended? Is it OK if I give my dog more than that like maybe should I give him a heavy meal for breakfast and some treats throughout the entire day? I am really clueless and I need your help. I don’t want to over-feed her but I don’t want her to become hungry.

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12:24:24 AM
How often should I feed my dog?
Hi! I think that it is acceptable to feed just once a day because many people have been using that feeding method for years and they did not experience any problems or difficulties with their dogs. As for me, I do not prefer that method because I prefer to feed my dogs 2 to 3 times a day depending on their activity level. If they have been running around too much or playing with each other, I feed them more often but if not, twice a day is enough. I also make sure that I keep track of what they are eating because just like what you have said, I don't want to over-feed them either.
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12:31:13 AM
How often should I feed my dog?
I have a small dog and I just feed Dorothy once a day and she has been perfectly fine with it. She's not really a big eater so once a day is already enough for her. I tried feeding her twice a day but she doesn't like to eat the second meal. I just give her a treat like a banana or an apple during snack time so that she won't be too hungry. I prefer it that way because I get to save more and she also prefers it that way. I guess the amount and how often you feed your dog should depend on him or her. Try giving him a second meal and if he or she likes it then do it again for the next day.
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