Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Recipe to whet a dog's appetite    * 6 oz broth
* 8 oz meat scraps
* 1 cup whole wheat flour
* 8 oz dog meal

Put oil in a pan and spread half of the meat in it. Sprinkle whole wheat flour over the meat. Pour the remaining half of the meat into pan, then sprinkle again with whole wheat flour. Cover with dog meal and pour the broth over it. Bake at 150C for 45 minutes and then allow to cool down. Feed warm. Vegetables and cheese can be added depending on your dog’s taste.

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12:30:52 PM
Wheew... so special!
Your dog must be so special for you to cook this recipe. I wish I have the time though so I can also show my love for my pet. However, do they know if you were giving them special treats at all or do they think that food are all the same and perhaps for them, it is the act of giving not what you give that matters.
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06:51:49 AM
Re: Recipe to whet a dog's appetite
Yeah, I agree. That dog must really be special. Mine is contented with her dogfood that the vet recommended. I also don't have the time to really prepare for her and it's just too bad i can't cook for her.
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06:55:52 AM
Re: Recipe to whet a dog's appetite
I have a friend who also gives milk to his pet and nothing bad happens.
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07:00:08 AM
Re: Recipe to whet a dog's appetite
No! Giving milk to your pet every meal will cause him diarrhea.
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07:09:52 AM
Re: Recipe to whet a dog's appetite
I don't know but my friend gives his puppies a combination of dog food, drained in milk? what can you say about this?
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06:33:26 AM
Re: Recipe to whet a dog's appetite
Yeah, Right I have heard some do that. In fact, i have a friend who does. according to her, the milk that they are giving are those that are low in sugar, as recommended by their vet.
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