Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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milk and dog food    What I give my puppy is his dog food and small amount of milk. That's all. However, my friends say milk is not good for dogs. What do you think about it?

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02:49:08 AM
Milk, Is it bad or good for your dog?
I am worrying about my dog, I want to give him all he needs, including milk, but lately I heard from one of my former classmate that its not good to give them milk? can you help me with this?
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02:44:52 PM
Re: Milk, Is it bad or good for your dog?
No, its not good, according to experts they might give your dog a bad stomach, but if you insists, why ask your vet first, experts know the best!
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06:40:51 AM
Re: Milk, Is it bad or good for your dog?
I have here with me a book that gives all the necessary information that I need for taking care of my dog. It says here that, yes, milk can give your dog a bad stomach because dogs don't have the capability to breakdown "lactose." when we say lactose it's the sugar that we have in milk.
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