Monday, March 18, 2019
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Removing fleas    Ferb has been getting a lot of fleas lately. I am not sure about the reason behind this but my mom, who has owned several dogs for the past 30 years, have told me that maybe I have been letting Ferb to sleep on the floor which is cold. She said that it can cause fleas. Anyway, I have tried various shampoos and other flea-removing collars but nothing seemed to work. The fleas are all still there and they won't budge. How do you remove the fleas on your dogs? Do you have any advice or suggestions? I really want to remove all the fleas on his hair.

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11:32:05 PM
Removing fleas
Have you tried to flea bomb your house? Is your house filled with carpets or something? Fleas usually stay in carpets so that may be the culprit behind all the fleas in your dog. Have your house flea bombed once or twice a month so that you will get rid of all potential fleas in the house. This will kill them all in an instant. I also suggest that you use Advantage on your dog. It can remove all the fleas but you should make sure that you use it continuously for a whole month or every other month. Prevention is still better than cure.
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11:38:09 PM
Removing fleas
It is really the best prevention if you flea bomb your whole house. Nothing will happen if your dogs are clear from fleas but your whole house is not. If what I suggested does not work for you, you can try to use Frontline. It is much more expensive than other flea killers out in the market but it is worth your hard-earned cash. Regarding the effect, you may not see it instantly, for it may take quite a few days for it to effect. It has helped a lot in breaking down the flea cycle in the house and there are fewer fleas. I really am glad that got Frontline and you should try it as well. The price is nothing compared to what it can do.
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