Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Tear stains    I have noticed that the four new pups that we have they have tear stains. I have no idea what causes this and is there any way that I can prevent it from happening again? I am afraid something bad might be happening to them. I just noticed them today and a few days ago they still don't have it. What can I remove the stains from their faces without hurting them or something?

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11:48:52 PM
Tear stains
I heard "Angel Eyes" really helps a lot in removing the tear stains but other people are also saying that you cannot use it on a daily basis because it has antibiotics and would potentially harm the puppies. When Drowsy was still a puppy he would often get this and I would just use a towel soaked in lukewarm water to soften and remove the hardened tear stains. You have to be really careful when removing it for it can harm the puppies if you tug on too much on their eyes. I think you have to solve the internal problem because removing the tear stains won’t solve any of that.

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11:54:22 PM
Tear stains
I am not really sure but I think that tear stains are caused by yeast infection in the eyes. To prevent this, I use Eqyss Micro-tek shampoo on Blue because it has helped a lot in keeping the yeast infection from entering his eyes. There was this one time that I used another brand to bathe him and he had tear stains all over. It was such a mess. I use Eqyss because it is soap free and it doesn't make their eyes itchy and teary. It also keeps his hair smooth and tangle-free. Maybe you can try other brands but you have to make sure that it is soap-free as well.
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