Monday, December 11, 2017
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How many dogs do you have?    My friends think that I am crazy because I really have a lot of dogs at home. I have now 2 beautiful Rottweilers named Dragon and Wolf, 3 shih tzu named Princess, Angel, and Empress, a Poodle we lovingly call Pink, 4 pugs named Tara, Basti, Chole, and Thirdy. I am thinking of getting more like a Pomeranian or another cute little Poodle, like the very small one. I really love dogs. Can you blame me? They are really cute and loveable and they also make me feel really good whenever I am feeling down. They are like a family to me and I even sleep with some of them sometimes.

How about you? How many dogs do you own?

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01:47:39 AM
How many dogs do you have?
Way to go! What a big family you have there. I only have a few dogs but I want our family to grow bigger. I now have a Siberian Husky and he is so loveable. Some are really afraid of him because they said that he looks like a wolf. They are terribly wrong. He is such a loving dog. Setting aside my drama, I only have a dog now and I do not seriously think that you are crazy. I want to get more and build a family like yours. Are Rottweilers nice? I want to get a boy and a girl. As you can see, I really love big dogs.
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01:54:40 AM
a big family of dogs
Our pet Shihtzu just gave birth to four cute puppies. Their family is now growing. We have now the mother Princess, 3 little girl puppies, and a boy puppy. We still do not know what to name them yet. We are hoping that when the puppies grow up, they'll give us more pups so that we have a big shih tzu family. We do not intend to give them away because me and my husband wants to take care of themm.
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02:57:33 AM
Our growing family
Congratulations doglover0417! How are the cute little puppies? Will you keep them all? I hope that you will. A big family of dogs is really fun and they can take your stress and sadness away.
Dogsarelove17: Yes! Rottweilers are very nice and they are also really sweet. However, they can be really protective of their owners. Dragon and Wolf are really protective of me and my family. I really love them to bits! Despite of their scary names, they are really sweet and loving animals.
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