Sunday, November 27, 2022
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What to feed my pug puppy?    Hi y'all! My friend just gave me a 2 month old pug puppy and she is the cutest pup that I have ever seen. She loves to play and run around the house and she also has this big puppy dog eyes that always makes my heart melt each time she looks at me. I do not know what to feed her because each time that I gave her kibble she just smelled it and move away. I do not know if she is a picky eater but I have no idea on what to give her. What do you think should I feed her? I do not want her to get sick and I also want to give her all the food that she wants to eat. Please help me with this.

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12:47:26 AM
What to feed my pug puppy?
Hi! You should give your pup the food that she is used to eating with her previous owner if you got her from one. You should do this because if you do not, you will end up with her getting sick because you will just upset her stomach. Make sure that you ask the owner first and maybe the reason why she just sniff the dog and move away is that she does not like the food. There are many reasons why but it is best that you ask first her vet or the owner where you bought her so that you will be assured that you will give her a safe and only the best food. Also, maybe you can give her home cooked meals if she wants.
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12:54:12 AM
What to feed my pug puppy?
No, I did not get it from a breeder but I got it from my friend instead. She told me that she used to feed her Raw Dog Mince so that is what I feed her. I do not know the reason why she would not eat it since she used to like it when my friend gave it to her. Should I bring her to a vet because she would not eat even though I put down the plate in front of her. Oh, there was this one time a few days ago when I was eating my dinner and I think some scraps fell on the floor. She ate it and she never stopped to bug me to give her more. Maybe this is the reason why, right? Maybe she like home-cooked meal better.
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04:20:53 AM
Puppy Food
Hello there! Try to give her the wet puppy food and you can mix it with water to make it easier for your pup to eat it. Give her soft dog food and puppy bites.
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11:48:45 AM
What else can my pug puppy eat
Can you help me
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11:51:39 AM
What can my pug eat instede of dog food
Please help me I don't want to lose him!
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