Saturday, July 4, 2020
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What Breed Is Right For Me?    Does anyone have any personal experience or info about these Golden Retrievers?

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01:34:08 AM
Golden Retriever, Superb
I have a 5 year old male Golden Retriever. The dogs friendly, biddable nature and patient demeanor has made it one of the most popular family dogs. They can do a lot of stuff like illegal drug detection, search and rescue, as hunting dogs and as guide dogs. Man! you will just love this awesome dog.
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11:36:35 AM
Cool Dogs
The Golden Retriever is a beautiful, sturdy, well-proportioned dog with a feathered, medium-length, cream to golden-colored coat. (The coat is not suppose to be red.) The outer coat is water-repellent and the undercoat is dense. The head is broad, with a tapering, but wide, powerful muzzle. It has a scissors bite and a clear frontal stop. The nose is black and the kindly eyes are brown with dark rims. The ears are medium-sized and pendant. Its neck and thighs are muscular and the chest is broad. The tail is long, but never curled.These are lovable, well-mannered, intelligent dogs with a great charm.
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