Wednesday, January 23, 2019
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Normal time for a pitbull to have a walk    In my personal experience, a good long walk at night is perfect. There are less dogs, less people asking if they can get a puppy, and its just more pleasant. I gave up walking my pit bulls during the day because there are just too many loose dogs and nosy people to have a quality walk for my pet. It's also my time of relaxation.

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11:22:51 AM
Re: Normal time for a pitbull to have a walk
It is better that your pit bull would have a walk during night time, less disturbance and great bonding for you and your dog.
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11:23:37 AM
Re: Normal time for a pitbull to have a walk
In addition, should take your pit bull out for about an hour each day and make sure that he/she has a good run and exercise.
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11:26:10 AM
Re: Normal time for a pitbull to have a walk
Age wise, you should let them start walking with them once they've completed all their shots. Just keep the walks short and easy for puppies.
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