Monday, May 20, 2019
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Nose Conditions    Is it true that you can detect your dog’s fever through his nose if its wet or dry.? Can you enlighten me more about other nose conditions?

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02:22:22 PM
Re: Nose Conditions
One must do away with plastics to use as plates for dogs coz it got dyes and other elements that could irritate your dog’s nose. Just use a stainless steel as dishes for dogs for their food but make sure not to prolong food in stainless they get spoiled easily.
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02:23:16 PM
Re: Nose Conditions
Usually the dogs sniffs into anything. There are inhalants when sniffed by dogs could be harmful to their nose and muzzle area. Gasolines, thinners could trigger an allergic reaction to your dogs.
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02:24:13 PM
Re: Nose Conditions
A warm and dry nose does not necessarily mean that your dog has a fever and therefore is a fallacy. The dog’s nose changing from wet to dry is as normal as weather.
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02:25:18 PM
Re: Nose Conditions
If your dog’s nose texture has become flaky or crusty and its color is becoming pale then that’s a sign that you seek vet’s help. Usually these signs is a prognosis of an illness that only vets could determine and must be immediately examined.
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02:26:24 PM
Re: Nose Conditions
A wet nose indicates runny nose which is usually a sign of anything from respiratory to nasal infection. If your dog’s coughing and sneezing persist, see your vet immediately for further examination.
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02:27:21 PM
Re: Nose Conditions
Lethargy, decreased or absent appetite, vomiting, diarrhea and so on also contributes to a prolonged dryness of nose with depigmentation and other sores, cracked zones. Or otherwise its just a dermatological problem.
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