Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Dog in Art    The number of breeds of dogs grew--especially of hunting dogs.The foremost country for hunting dogs in the seventeenth century was France.All the kings Louis loved hunting,and they knew how to go about it with royal majesty.

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08:52:39 AM
Re: Dog in Art
True. But remember, England was already breeding by 16th century and they were famous for the bulldogs and even used them for their gambling purposes. And I think, even the Egyptians long long time ago already bred dosg but we do not find any record of it in history.
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08:53:24 AM
Re: Dog in Art
In England today there are still competitions organized exclusively for sheepdogs.In these, the sheepdogs must demonstrate their atavistic instincts by finding ten sheep placed eight hundred meters away and herding them into an enclosure via one or more prescribed paths.
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