Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Where Can I Take My Dog Hunting?    I have a Jack Russell Terrier and I want to take him out to hunt sometime since he is always attacking rabbits and ducks near my house. I don’t want him killing animals around my house because I am afraid its illegal or something. Is there anywhere where I can pay to take my dog hunting legally?

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01:45:22 AM
Jack Russell Terrier Club
Please look into a local Jack Russell Terrier club, or an all Terrier breed club and see if they have any working dog trials. They are competitions set up to ensure that the terrier breeds do not lose their hunting/vermin exterminating instincts. They have courses set up to see if the dog will go to ground after a varmit, and try to simulate as close as possible the conditions the dog was originally bred to work under. The varmit is kept in a cage, where the dogs cannot get at them, so no one is killed.
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01:45:57 AM
Question About A Females Heat Cycle
I have a twelve month old Siberian Husky named Tina, and she has yet to start her heat . When should I expect it to start and how long will her first heat cycle last.
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01:52:26 AM
Take Strict Measures
This will only result in more attacks near your house. Its not illegal but it screws up the animal cycle. How does your dog get out its not like he can fly. If he doesn't eat it and he just leaves it near your house try bringing it to him and pointing to it then yelling no. He should learn soon enough. When you go for walks if he sees a duck or...whatever and leaves it alone have some snack(dog biscuits and dog chockies) ready to reward him.
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04:58:14 AM
A real treat for you and your pet.
You can visit http://cedarridgehunt.com/
They have all kind of sources for dog hunting. They even provide lodging and meals like a real treat. I think this will not be a treat not only for you Jack Russell Terrier, but also for yourself.
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