Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Fangs    What’s those puppies fangs supposed to do? Should they be removed?

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02:47:49 PM
Re: Fangs
Like humans, dog ‘s have actually deciduous teeth or like milk teeth. These first 28 teeth in dogs will be replaced by new teeth in 6 to 7 months time until it becomes 42 permanent teeth. Fangs develop when there is a delay in falling off of milk teeth.
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02:49:19 PM
Re: Fangs
By 7 months of age, dogs pointed fang canine must be removed if they don’t fal off, they can promote pain in dogs thus affecting their chewing, It can also lead to tooth decay due to close contact with new teeth that can be breeding ground for bacteria.
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02:56:27 PM
Re: Fangs
The best way to prevent further damage is to consult with vet in removing this yet unwanted growth. You are risking the dog to develop tooth decay in not doing so, And please bother with possibility that your dog might refuse eating someday due to dental issues.
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02:58:11 PM
Re: Fangs
The canine teeth is usually the one to develop into fangs. Some dogs develop this depending on dog’s growth or congenital in nature There enters vet dentist for extraction of this unwanted growth.
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