Friday, July 3, 2020
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Name for a caramel-colored male retriever dog    Please tell me if below are good ones.
Fetch, Rover, Boris, Jacques, Mitzy, Sisal?

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12:39:36 PM
Fetch it is....
A retriever likes to catch things well at least mine does. But then I see a lot of retrievers in the park and they always play with their owners throw and catch frees beez. This maybe a stupid reason but hey, you yourself is asking for an advice. :)
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03:19:54 PM
Hey, Mitzy!
Mitzy is cool, I think.
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03:37:45 PM
Re: Name for a caramel-colored male retriever dog
I love the name Rover.
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03:39:12 PM
Re: Name for a caramel-colored male retriever dog
Boris I think could also be nice.
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03:40:09 PM
Re: Name for a caramel-colored male retriever dog
how about BLAZE or KRAMER? I'm not referring to any Personality on the name on the latter part.
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03:41:27 PM
Re: Name for a caramel-colored male retriever dog
try this one CLINKIN, "Beacon"... sounds bulky and beefed up!
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