Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Help me name my new puppy    My sister's Rottweiler just gave birth to 4 cute little puppies a month ago. I asked her if she could give me one and I was glad because she agreed only if I promised that I would take care of him. My sister brought him here a few days ago and he is the cutest dog that I have ever seen! I have a problem now because I do not what I should call him and I have no idea on what a good name is. I think that maybe I should call him Rambo because I think that is a very strong and powerful name. Besides, my boyfriend loves the movie so yeah. Do you have any other advice? I will really appreciate it. Thank you in advanced!

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12:57:49 AM
Help me name my new puppy
I think that Rambo is a cool name and I think that your bf will thank you that you name your dog after his favorite movie character. I also think that maybe you can name him Bruno but I think that's too tough so never mind. What other names are you thinking? Maybe you can choose from: Caleb, Hooters (which I think is hilarious) or maybe you can also call him Wolfhound from the not-so good movie. Oh wait, have you watched the Ice Age movie? There is this tiger-like animal there but I forgot his name. I think he has a cool name I just forgot. You can also name your dog Flutter but that is not a macho name.
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01:02:40 AM
Help me name my new puppy
Thank you for all of your suggestions Love and I really appreciate that because I am really having a hard time choosing a name for my new pup. I do not know about Bruno but I think that it is a too macho almost gay name. (Sorry, if I have offended you with what I said.) I think that Hooters is nice and you gave me a great idea. Maybe I should call him Hooters, like you know where the hot girls are. My bf though wants me to stick with Rambo so maybe I should think about it really well. It is so hard to give a manly name to a dog. I just want to call him Twinkle just to end it but that is mean.
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