Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Dog's name starts with letter M    Can you suggest a dog's name that starts with the letter M? Do you have any ideas for my female pitbull? I want to name her starting with the letter M, its for my two ex-girlfriends. Do me a favor please.

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08:21:41 AM
Dog's name starts with letter M
Sounds you're in a revenge mood? Well, here are funny ones for the two ladies who crushed your heart, Mara, Mixie and Michie... Yeah, payback time.
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08:25:28 AM
Dog's name starts with letter M
Madonna sounds bitchy! You should invite these gals to post also so we will have a good time. Then you're revenge is to its fullest extent! Ha ha ha!
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11:14:15 AM
Re: Dog's name starts with letter M
I have another suggestion, that would tickle your funny bone, and add revenge to them, here it is, Moogie, Majori and Mariska.
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11:16:08 AM
Re: Dog's name starts with letter M
Thanks for the suggestions guys, I had my revenge with those two ladies, so as for inviting them to join the forum, that would be impossible. I don't have any contacts with them whatsoever.
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