Wednesday, January 23, 2019
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When can I bathe my puppy?    As you all know, I just got my puppy a few weeks ago and I am new when it comes to dogs so I have no idea on how to properly take care of Alice. I want to give her a bath because I have noticed that there are tear stains (Please correct me if I am wrong) on the corner of her eyes. Her hairs are all tangly as well and it bothers me because she looks really dirty. Is it alright if I bathe her now even though she is only a a few months old? How should I do it properly without hurting her? Thank you so much in advanced for your advices. I really appreciate it.

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03:10:53 AM
When can I bathe my puppy?
Hi there! You do not have to worry at all because yes, you can give your pup a bath now even though she is still young. However, make sure that you do it once or twice in a month because that is what my groomer told me. Also, you have to make sure that you use a mild shampoo meant for dogs because if you use human shampoo, you will possibly lose the hair of your pup or cause him irritations. You also have to make sure that nothing gets into his eyes and ears and that you cleanse him thoroughly with warm water. Good luck and I hope that you both have fun with it!
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03:14:53 AM
When can I bathe my puppy?
It is alright to give your dog a bath but I suggest that you do it sparingly because it can strip off the natural oils on his body. I recommend that you do it two or three times in a month depending on different factors. As for me, I think that a puppy should be given a bath once or two times in a month to remove all the impurities on his bod. You have to use a dog shampoo but you can also use a mild baby shampoo on the first wash but do not do this all the time. You can also use a shower mitt but I prefer to use my own hands because in that way I am able to get everything off of his fur.
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