Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Weird names for a dog    Hi y'all! What do you think is the weirdest names that you ever heard someone call a dog? There was this one time when I brought my sister's dog with me at the park. We were playing around when this lady sat on the next bench. I almost fell off of the bench when I heard her call her dog bomby. I do not know if I got it right but I really think that it is funny and I had to hide my laugh from her. How about you? Did you give your dig a funny or weird name and what is the reason why you give it? I know some people give their dog weird names because they want to be popular or something.

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02:25:57 AM
Weird names for a dog
That is a funny name! I can't believe someone will call their dog Bomby like a bom, or maybe it was Bami? I am not sure but I think that is weird and funny at the same time. There was this one time that I went to the house of my friend. She has a lot of dogs at home and I think that she has 5? Anyway, we were watching a movie when she suddenly blurted out "Pussy!” I thought that she was trying to be funny so I asked her what did she say and she told me that she was calling her pet Poodle. I was laughing really hard because I thought who would give a cat's name to a dog?
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02:30:35 AM
Weird names for a dog
Micah: There are just some people that wants their pet to standout so they give them an unusual and sometimes, even a funny name. I think that I will laugh out really loud when I hear someone call their dog that because it is weird. Did she see you laughing because if she did that can be offending.
Kai: Pussy? Really? That is by far the weirdest name that I heard someone named their dogs. I guess if that dog can talk, she would feel offended and degraded at the same time. If I were to give a weird name to a dog, I will probably call her Bow Chicki Bow Wow from Phineas and Ferb.
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