Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Riska    I have a German Shepherd dog, her name is Riska,Well my dog is amazing because she is very obedient and very quiet.My dog barks with sense and know how to wait when to move or do something at my command.If you had a dog like that, what will be your feeling?

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05:12:41 AM
Re: Riska
what can I say. I would definitely be overwhelmed, the fact that she's so obedient and very quiet, that's a big fulfillment for the owners. your so lucky PANGGABOO, you have a dog like that, you should take care of her always and shower her with proper love.
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05:13:52 AM
Re: Riska
or me I would be very proud, I mean its a once in lifetime opportunity to have a dog like that.
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05:15:04 AM
Re: Riska
First of all I wanna say what a very unique name you that you have given to your dog. I say I'd very much proud and very happy and I will feel blessed because God gave me a very intelligent dog, I can say that I'm so lucky with this dog.
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02:41:24 PM
Re: Riska
I would feel very lucky, imagine not all dogs are that kind, I could say you've got a very nice dog over there pangaboo. Good choice of breed.
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02:43:13 PM
I am proud of you and overwhelmed, that could also be the sweetest thing a dog can do. Good job for taking care of your dog!
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