Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Baby shampoo as temporary dog shampoo    Is it alright if I use baby shampoo to wash the hair of my dog? I can't go out to the pet store right now to buy a new shampoo for my dog and I really wouldn't want them to get dirty and all that. We only have regular shampoo and baby shampoo here at home and I thought that maybe it is better to use baby shampoo because it is supposedly very gentle and good even for sensitive skin. What are your takes and views regarding this? Do you think that maybe it's alright if I use baby shampoo to bathe my dog for the meantime?

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01:57:24 AM
Baby shampoo as temporary dog shampoo
Well, I guess it is acceptable to use baby shampoo to bathe your dog for the time being. I hope that you don't make this a habit of yours because baby shampoo is drying for the hair of the dog. It is gentle not for dog's hair, but for babies. It has a different ph level than using regular dog shampoo. Think of it this way, would you want to use dog shampoo should you run out of baby shampoo on your baby? I hope not. It won't hurt your dog though. I think use it once because you are going to the store soon right?
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02:03:15 AM
Baby shampoo as temporary dog shampoo
Well, as for me I think it is alright. I mean would there be harm in using baby shampoo just once to shampoo your dog? I don't think so. It might be harmful and would damage the hair of your dog in the long run, but if you are going to use it once, there is no harm in that. I don't, seriously, think that it will harm your dog for it is mild and gentle. I think that it is better to bathe your dog with baby shampoo than for him to be all dirty and gross.
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