Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Canned dog foods    I have been feeding Dorothy canned dog foods in 12 oz. I am looking for a cheaper alternative though because the one that I was used to buying is getting a little expensive. I feed her the canned food breakfast and evening and I think that we are not saving enough money by buying these expensive dog foods. I am not really particular with the brand or anything because she basically eats everything and it doesn't upset her stomach. I'm really trying to save up money and the only way to do that is to buy in bulk. Do you have any suggestions?

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11:08:18 PM
canned dog foods
If you really want to get the 12 oz canned dog foods, you can open it and feed the half to your dog and keep the other half in the freezer to preserve it. You have to make sure that you still keep it in the container. This is what I usually do for Hunter and I did not experience any problem with it. There are also times that I just buy the 5.5oz canned foods so that I won't have to go through the whole process of freezing it which might take more time. It is a little more expensive though. The cheapest I know is EVO and you might want to try the chicken or beef flavor because they are the cheapest flavors that they have.
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11:12:24 PM
Canned dog foods
I am a big fan of Whole Earth Farms canned dog foods and Drowsy absolutely adore it. I think that their brand is comparable to other more expensive brands such as Canidae and I think that the ingredients are almost the same, if not better. I order from www.petfooddirect.com and I get the 12 cans that are 13 oz for only $15.
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