Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Bones for Dogs    Animal bones good for dogs are hard bones from pigs, cows, deers and oxen. Do not give them chicken, turkey or bird bones for it is sharp to prick their intestines. Hard bones would be better so they will enjoy licking and chewing these.

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01:33:41 PM
Re: Bones for Dogs
You can give them bones from leftovers. Like what I did when there's party with my friends or if I have meal in restaurants. I usually ask for plastic bag and bring home these bones to my pet dog. They really excited and love it.
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01:36:48 PM
Re: Bones for Dogs
That's nice! Sometimes I overlook leftover bones are really good for dog food. Yeah, they'll gonna love that! I might as well ask for that to feed them. Thanks for that bright idea!
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01:38:58 PM
Re: Bones for Dogs
You're right rainman! I did today when I had a lunch out with friends. I asked their leftover bones and my dogs, got three lovely ones, and they are jumping up and down as if they know what I am carrying with my bag. Cool!
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