Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Name for my new pup    I'll be getting my new pup Shih Tzu next week. I'll be adopting her because my cousin could not take care of them any longer. I am so excited but I still don't know what I should call her. The names on my list include Diva, Angel, Casey, or Queenie. I'm thinking of like a really girly name. We have a few names on our mind and we are really in need of help in coming up with a name for her. My boyfriend wants to call here Girly which I think is a little obvious. Do you have any other suggestions? Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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03:17:19 AM
Naming new pups
I love it when naming new pups! When I got my first pup which is a Rottweiler, my family and I really thought about the name and we decided to call him Blue even though he is black in color. We are kind of weird, huh? Anyway, I suggest that you should see the puppy first so that you can find a name that will suit her looks and her personality. Or you can try researching on the internet on dog names and find out what they mean. I think Lizzy is a good name though, or Trixy for a more common name.
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03:24:29 AM
Naming new pups
I agree with Lloyd. You should give your puppy a name that will be perfect for the way that she looks and more importantly, her personality. We have a pit bull and she is always sleeping all the time that is why my brother thought that it would be nice to call her Drowsy. I was a little hesitant at first but she reacted well to the name so that wasn't a problem anymore. I think though that Katie is a nice name to give a female Shih Tzu. Also, what color is she? I think that can also help you out with your dilemma.
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